Exile Huscoon (huscoon) wrote in fursuittourney,
Exile Huscoon

Friendly Reminder & Important Announcement

First off, let me remind everyone to vote in our most recent poll and sent four of these amazing fursuits into the semifinals. All 8 quarterfinalists have at least 43% of the vote, so anyone can still win.

Now, for an important announcement about the FFFF. Due to the stunning success and overwhelming responses, Rhett and I have decided that there will be a second installment of the FFFF beginning in the Spring of 2008. (Or for our Aussie friends, the Fall of 2008.)

All the details will be worked out within the coming months, but there are a few things we can assure everyone right now. First off, when we accept nominations next year, will we require contact information of the owner of the fursuit. This way, we can inform them of their suit's nomination and give them a honest chance to submit a better picture, a video, campaign, or even if they wish, to withdraw from the tournament. Speaking of videos, since voting based on performance was so difficult for many of our judges, we will allow videos of the fursuit to be submitted with their nomination.

On top of that, we plan on continuing to promote fursuits, their owners, and builders even after the tournament ends. So we encourage everyone not to leave the community once the tournament is over.

I can't say it enough, but thank you to everyone involved in this tournament for making it the huge success that it has become. ^_^
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