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Well ladies and gentlemen, in less than two weeks, we will crown the first champion of the FFFF. But for now, we have four fursuits remaining, that have very little in common. Aside from the fact that they are all semifinalists, these four suits and four suiters are as different as they are wonderful. Just more proof that there is no specific formula for building a great fursuit or becoming an entertaining performer. They come from every direction imaginable.

And now, your four semifinalists for Monday, August 27th, are...


Owner: Takala

Made by: Arend Studios

Debut: Memorial Day Parade / Anthrocon '06

Species: Zebra

Stripes: 50, one for each state

Enjoys: Fruit Stripes Gum & Zebra Cakes

Favorite Moment: Performing at Give Kids the World

Talents: Cooking, hamming it up, and outrunning predators
Sophie Cabra

Owner: Sophie Cabra

Made by: Mixed Candy Studios

Debut: Midwest FurFest '06

Species: Nubian Goat

Inspiration: Jolly from Hunchback of Notre Dame & story about purple goats from a friend

Pet Peeve: Not a Bunny!!!

Craziest Moment: Storming through Meyers with about 7 anthrobuddies

Fun Fact: Doesn't mind letting kids bang and tap on her hard, hoof-like hooves

Owner: Frazzle

Made by: Frazzle & Rose Quoll

Debut: Morphicon '06

Species: Experimental Alien Creature

Stripes: 30

Favorite Prop: Yellow Nerf Laser Gun & Noodle Sword

Favorite Food: Mom's Lasanga, Pizza, & Grilled Ribs, Mmmm!

Pouch Contents: Slimy tentacles or a hard candy of his choice
Lucky Coyote

Owner: Lucky Coyote

Made by: Don't Hug Cacti Studios

Debut: Akon '06 / Mephit FurMeet '06

Species: Coyote

Favorite Clothing: Pink Bandana

From: Illinois, by way of Texas

Described in One Word: Glamourous

Fun Fact: 3 scars on left cheek represent that good and bad things come in 3s, which is also her "lucky" number. Also believes her left side is her good side.

Poll #1046027 Semifinals

Takala or Sophie Cabra?

Takala, owned by Takala, made by Arend Studios
Sophie Cabra, owned by Sophie Cabra, made by Mixed Candy

Frazzle or Lucky Coyote?

Frazzle, owned by Frazzle, made by Frazzle/Rose Quoll
Lucky Coyote, owned by Lucky Coyote, made by Don't Hug Cacti

If you cannot vote in the poll, that is because you are either not logged-in or you are not a member of this community. If you want to join this community, click the massive link that is this entire sentence, and Rhett and I will get around to approving you as quickly as possible.

The face-off for Monday, September 3rd, will be the tournament championship!!!
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