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A Subtle Illusion

FFFF 2011 -- Tournament Semifinals

Fifteen weeks to get to these final four. All of them are veterans of the tournament, each one having debuted in one of the previous four editions. And in less than two weeks, one of them will join Frazzle, Jäger, Yippee, and Flux (picture pending) in the gallery of champions on the community profile page. Best of luck to everyone, enjoy the expanded layout, and most of all: HAVE FUN!

Twitch da Woof Twitch da Woof

Owner: Twitch da Woof

Builder: Whitewolf


Suit Debut: Anthrocon 2007 (current version, Anthrocon 2003 w/first version)

FFFF Debut: Year 1 (2007)

Species: Punk Wolf

Owner: Clementine

Builder: Whitewolf

[VIDEO] (new!)

Suit Debut: Anthrocon 2009

FFFF Debut: Year 4 (2010)

Species: Fennec

Bucktown Tiger Bucktown Tiger

Owner: Bucktown Tiger

Builder: KiwiHunter Creations & Roofur

[VIDEO] (new!)

Suit Debut: Rocket City FurMeet 2011 (current version, Mephit FurMeet 2007 w/first version)

FFFF Debut: Year 2 (2008)

Species: Siberian Tiger
Owner: Frisbee

Builder: Mixed Candy


Suit Debut: Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009

FFFF Debut: Year 3 (2009)

Species: Aussie cattle dog

Poll #1769938 FFFF 2011 RS-04
This poll is closed.

Twitch da Woof or Clementine?

Twitch Da Woof

Bucktown Tiger or Frisbee?

Bucktown Tiger

If you cannot vote in the poll, that is because you are either not logged in or you are not a member of this community. If you want to join this community, click the massive link that is this entire sentence, and one of the maintainers (Rhett, Sarge, Seddel, or Stevie) will get around to approving you as quickly as possible. Remember that accounts must be validated in the LiveJournal system and have at least either one external contact link (website, non-livejournal.com email, IM, etc) or sufficient biographical information (in the profile or a public journal post) to be accepted for membership. Also bear in mind that in the waning hours of the poll, your application may not be processed in time to vote!

To recieve e-mail updates from LiveJournal when this community is updated, click somewhere around here, check "Someone posts a new entry to fursuittourney", then Save. You can also follow @FFFFTourney on Twitter for other updates, or look for hash tag #FFFF2011.

This poll will stay open until 11:59PM CDT on Saturday August 20th and your upcoming matchup for Monday August 22nd will be for the 2011 Championship!
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