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2012 FFFF Announcement #2

Greetings and salutations once again!

We're just a little over a week before nominations open up on Monday, February 27th, 2012!

As promised in the previous announcement, we have finalized more details regarding this year's Fracas. Before we get to those details, I do want to at least get folks acquainted with the staff for this year.

StevieIf you don't already know me, hi. I'm Stevie Maxwell, your panda pal and Director for this year. What started off as just silly statistics in 2008 and 2009 turned into a staff position for 2010 and 2011, so here I am running the show now. I own no fursuits and have no intention of getting one, as I have a mild phobia of them -- ironic, eh?
SeddelSeddel Cougar has been working on staff behind the scenes since 2009, approving requests to join the community and updating the gallery with nominations and submitted picture changes. To quote the mountain lion: "I am all feline all the time. I prefer my catfish filets breaded and deep fried southern style, my barbecue pork ribs smoked 18 hours over a wood flame with a dry rub, and my chili Texas Style with no beans. My favorite colors are black and blue.... I enjoy certain luxuries, like ... the Antique Mall to look for petroliana and other mantiques, driving down dirt roads in my pickup truck at somewhat high rate of speed, melting metal in my garage with a torch, building random tools out of dumpster dived parts, and cowering in my laundry room during tornado alerts (a washer and dryer will do a surprising amount of calming you down if you hug them when you hear the thunder)."
PlaidArbitrary Plaid joins us this year as one of our new staffers to help out with maintenance of the LJ community -- membership approvals and cleanups of deleted accounts, postings of poll entries and closings as necessary*, comment moderation and image size enforcement, etc. She has also taken up the arduous task of also updating the WikiFur entry for the Fracas, and I wish her the best of luck with that.
WolfWingsWolfWings admits that he honestly and truly sucks at introductions, having done things in and around the furry fandom since the early 90s. At this point, you've either met him, heard of him, or simply haven't. As another one of our new staffers, he will primarily be Seddel's backup resource for processing join requests and gallery updates. He will also be working with Plaid on the WikiFur entries, as well as postings of poll entries and closings as necessary.*
BuranSteeleheart Buran is our last new volunteer for this year. He'll be doing a little bit of everything this year, though he didn't really give me much more for an introductory paragraph here. Give him a warm welcome anyway.

* As both Plaid and WolfWings own fursuits, they will be prohibited from posting any polls which have their fursuits up for vote.

All right, now for the nitty-gritty. Here's a few more things that's been decided in terms of dates and deadlines and pre-tourney stuff:

  • The nominations period will close at 11:59pm EDT on Friday March 23rd, five days after the end of FWA and Furnal Equinox.

  • The deadline for owners to opt-in is 11:59pm EDT on Thursday April 12th. We will not be responsible or accountable for delayed responses past the deadline, as seven weeks is plenty of time for someone to contact us about their own fursuit.

  • From April 1st until April 12th we will run a "Showcase of Nominees", providing picture links and very basic information for any fursuit that received at least one nomination**. No voting will take place during the showcase. This will allow suits that folks deem worthy of being in the tournament to be recognized, without forcing their owners to compete against others.***

The tournament itself will start on Monday April 16th with the double-elimination preliminaries. Further information about the schedule of polls will be based on the number of entries, to be determined after the opt-in deadline has passed.

If you have any pressing questions, comments, concerns, or requests, you can reply to this entry or PM me regarding this announcement.

Stevie Maxwell
2012 FFFF Director

** As a reminder, owners are still limited to 4 suits, and all past champions (Frazzle, Jäger, Yippee, Flux, and Bucktown Tiger) cannot be nominated.
*** If an owner does not want their fursuit displayed in the Showcase, s/he MUST contact us.
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