A Subtle Illusion (steviemaxwell) wrote in fursuittourney,
A Subtle Illusion

Round 8 Poll Closed

Polls have been closed with the following results:

Howee Husky 189, Barley 187
Clementine 188, Dershep 187
Duke 193, Skroy 188

Per his request, Dakkota Wolf has withdrawn from the tournament, and Beef Jerky advances uncontested.

As of this morning, the Tournament has been suspended pending discussion with staff and other administrative parties. An announcement will be released when a ruling has been made.

I would like to apologize for this inconvenience, but due to events that transpired over the past few days when I had no access to the internet to exercise my duties as director of this event it would not be a sincere apology.

To those who felt the need to ruin other people's fun: congratulations.

Stevie Maxwell
Tags: ffff announcement, results
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