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The registration period has ended with the following result:

152 Tourney participants.

The full list of competitors can be found here.

We are still taking suggestions for matchups in the non-elimination polls. The easiest way to suggest a matchup is to fill out this form here, though we will also take them via comments in this journal or LiveJournal PMs or emails to fursuitfracas ^at^ gmail =dot= com with the subject line "FFFF 2013 Matchup Suggestions". All suggestions must be in by 11.59pm PDT (GMT-8) on Saturday April 27th!

The schedule of non-elimination seeding matchups for the next two weeks can be viewed here.

Your upcoming matchups for Monday April 15th will be:

Bella and Orwin
Stryker T. Wuff and Caspian
Origami Gryphon and Calamity Cougar
Elias Saphir and Shido
Vix and Pidge
Nilla and Central Puppy
Pixi and Clove
Shia and Nonsense
Voltage and KitsuneKit
Empire and Jackson H. Wolf
Fox Lightning and Belle
Fitzroy Fox and Vitai Slade V2
Havoas and Ankoku Tenshi
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