April 3rd, 2008

New Fursuit-OSU


Before we get to the list of nominated fursuits, I have to thank everyone.

Rhett and Sarge for tolerating me when I'm in slave driver mode. But this would have been absolute hell without their hardwork.

I have to thank all the fursuiters who went out of their way to get new pictures and new videos uploaded strictly for this tournament.

I have to thank the fursuiters who did nothing but sit back and enjoy the show.

I have to thank each and every person who has nominated from 1 to 62 fursuits for this tournament. Without your interaction, this tournament would be impossible.

When you read the list, the fursuit is listed first with the owner and builder in parenthesis, seperated by a hyphen. Now, without further adieu, here is the list of the 295 fursuits you nominated for the Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas 2008!

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We wish everyone the best of luck in this year's tournament. We will announce the preliminary round face-offs Thursday evening. The full bracket will be released Friday.

Thank you and good night! ^_^

(edit: I missed an e-mail. We're not at 298. Sorry about that.) >.> (another edit: We had a fursuiter who wanted to limit the number of fursuit they had in the tournament. So, while they didn't remove all of them, they did remove 3. Our number is now at 295.)
New Fursuit-OSU

Preliminary Round Face-Offs

Because of the massive number of fursuits this year, we will be having a preliminary round to cut the tournament down to 256 for the first round. To do this, we will have 39 face-offs between 78 fursuits throughout the next two weeks. The rest of the bracket will be released tomorrow :)

Mon, Apr 7 - Wed, Apr 9
Acid Raccoon vs. Wolly Bully
Dynamite vs. Charlie
Chester Cheetah vs. Drykath
Firefeet vs. Akela Vincent
Angel vs. Fignuts
Godiva vs. Acid Fox
Sweet & Low, Equal, Splenda vs. Acid Dragon
Big Blue Fox vs. Cirrus Dragon
Jambalion vs. Duncan Roo
Sookta vs. Kanu Lion

Thu, Apr 10 - Sat, Apr 12
Pepper Pup vs. Khyle
Green Lantern Wolf vs. Loriana
Kiv Cheetah vs. Radinov
Doctor Sake vs. Kelton Raccoon
Balto vs. Rococo
Acid Skunk vs. Towyn Coyote
Crygus vs. Cedar
Blueneko vs. DustyKat
Soki vs. Exile Huscoon
Alpine vs. Spunky the Wonderdog

Mon, Apr 14 - Wed, Apr 16
Fargo vs. Fritz
Finnish Fox vs. Ken Redtail
Keovi vs. Kenova Wolf
Woofers Hayes vs. Siku Wolf
Mojave vs. Qmick Husky
Cobalt Lion vs. Dobie Tanpaw
Polo vs. Gent
Jenna Vixen vs. Shirik
Rukario vs. Teto
Foxer vs. MegaPanther

Thu, Apr 17 - Sat, Apr 19
Fireball Fox vs. Falstaff(Magnus)
Cassidy vs. Pink Panther
Jouva Moufette vs. Koko
Aloha Wolfox vs. EmoBurd
Mal vs. LJ Plex the Drama Llama
Jai Dingo vs. Taba Wolf
Yargo vs. Flapjack
Rockstar & Moonbeam vs. Dutch Husky
Countersnap vs. Snowy Bobcat