August 6th, 2012


FFFF 2012 -- Tournament Quarterfinals

The tournament has gone to the dogs! Literally! There's no non-canine competitor left! ;P

Do pardon the delays in getting this posted; the competition this year was relatively drama-free... until this morning... ANYWAY:

8 fursuits, 7 distinct builders, 6 veteran competitors, 5 (and a half) days of voting, 4 matchups this week, 3 more in the next 2 weeks to add 1 canine to the community profile page.

As always, good luck to everyone, and remember: have fun!

FFFF 2012 - Tournament Quarterfinals
Owned and Made by Seylyn
vs. Howee Husky
Owned by Howee Husky
Made by Don't Hug Cacti
Owned by Clementine
Made by WhiteWolf
vs. Dershep
Owned by howiepup
Made by Stormfire Studios
Beef Jerky
Owned and Made by Matrices
vs. Dakkota Wolf
Owned by Firestorm Six
Made by Stormfire Studios
Owned by Skroy
Made by Kodi Made
vs. Duke
Owned by Oz Kangaroo
Made by Stormfire Studios /
Critter Country

Poll #1858584 FFFF 2012 R8-TQ
This poll is closed.

Barley or Howee Husky?

Howee Husky

Clementine or Dershep?


Beef Jerky or Dakkota Wolf?

Beef Jerky
Dakkota Wolf

Skroy or Duke?


In order to vote in this poll, you must be a member of the voting community and logged in to your account. If you are not yet a member, please visit the appropriate link for instructions on how to register to vote: via LiveJournal (preferred), via Twitter, via Facebook. Remember to validate your email address and include a website link to your furry homepage. Please note that this poll ends at 8:59am EDT on Sunday August 12th, and in the waning hours of Saturday night and Sunday morning the maintainers (Plaid, Seddel, and Stevie) may not be able to get around to approving your request in time for you to vote, so register early.

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Your upcoming matchups for Monday August 13th will be the winners of these matchups facing off against each other!