August 27th, 2012


FFFF 2012 -- Tournament Finals

Nearly 5 months of a combined showcase and voting bracket, with 381 matchups and nearly 70K in total votes, and we have our two final fursuits.

It's been a long ride, as it always is, but it's finally here. Both finalists are cute veterans of the tournament, but only one can join the likes of Frazzle, Jäger and Yippee Coyote, Flux, and Bucktown Tiger. And while the decision for this year's Derpiest Husky FFFF Champion rests in you hands, dear voters, don't forget that our other pair of Semifinalists have their own faceoff to determine the dance-off tiebreaker Third Place.

For the final time of this event: good luck to everyone, make sure to play nice, and have fun!

FFFF 2012 Dance-off Tiebreaker 3rd Place Matchup
Clementine pic Clementine
Owner: Clementine
Builder: Whitewolf
Location: New Jersey
Species: Fennec
Suit Debut: Anthrocon 2009
Favorite Things: Dancing, Suiting, 'n Making People Smile!
What does your name represent?: Colorful, Lively, Eccentric, Musical, Edgy, Neat, Tasteful, Inspirational, Nifty, Enjoyable
Duke pic Duke
Owner: Oz Kangaroo
Builder: Stormfire Studios & Critter Country
Location: Australia
Species: German Shepherd
Suit Debut: Furry Down Under 2012 (current version, 1999 w/original version)
Favorite Things: Dancing, Hugs, Everyone (Yes even you!)
Why do I fursuit?: To have fun and bring happiness to all those I can.

FFFF 2012 Derpiest Husky Championship Matchup
Howee Husky Howee Husky

(click here for video if embedding doesn't work)
Owner: Howee Husky
Builder: Don't Hug Cacti
Location: California
Species: Husky
Suit Debut: Further Confusion 2010
Favorite Things: Dog bones, chew toys, making new friends!
Why do I fursuit?: Fursuiting is not about popularity, it's not about being cool. It's all about putting smiles on peoples' faces and that puts one on mine. I always look forward to the next time I can go out and have fun playing with others.
Beef Jerky Beef Jerky

(click here for video if embedding doesn't work)
Owner: Matrices
Builder: Matrices
Location: Whidbey Island, Washington
Species: Alaskan Husky
Suit Debut: Further Confusion 2011 (current version, Howloween 2006 w/first version)
Favorite Things: Outside, snacks, ridiculousness!
What does your name represent?: It was chosen because it not only is a favorite snack, but it just sounded so absurdly silly. Kind of like the word "cheese" you can't say it without smiling -- twice! Yum!

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Poll #1862760 FFFF 2012 R10-F
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Your choice for the Championship:

Howee Husky
Beef Jerky

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