October 19th, 2014



Your FFFF 2014 Regional Champions are:

Bengkulu Region> Grave
Jambi Region> Torq
Riau Region> Doctor Fox
Aceh Region> Sozan Ryker
Lampung Region> Leon
Sumatera Utara Region> Cosmic
Sumatera Selatan Region> Spazz
Sumatera Barat Region> Orlando Fox

The latest poll has been closed with the following results:

Grave 36, Luie 35
Torq 42, Rocket Raccoon 36
Doctor Fox 43, Kijani 31
Sozan Ryker 37, Party Tiger 36
Leon 48, Basalt 25
Cosmic 47, Milo! 25
Spazz 45, Havik 32
Orlando Fox 39, Albi Azul 38 (Foxy Final Four Rematch)

Congratulations and many thanks to everyone that participated in this poll!

Your upcoming matchups for Monday October 20th will be:

Grave vs. Torq
Doctor Fox vs. Sozan Ryker
Leon vs. Cosmic
Spazz vs. Orlando Fox