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Preliminary Round, Heat 1

Let the games begin!

A few quick notes before we get to the voting. Rhett, Sarge, and myself will try to get each poll posted early in the afternoon on Mondays and Thursdays, most of the time between 12pm - 3pm ET (9am - 12pm PT). Though there will be times when real life gets in the way, but we will try our best.

For those of you with fursuits that are not in the preliminary round, we have posted dates for each and every face-off in this tournament, all 294 of them. To see what dates your fursuit will be up for voting, just go to the FFFF 2008 page on WikiFur.

What criteria to use turned out to be a big issue last year. This year, coming up what criteria to use is going to be the responsibility of you, the judges. From here, I will give you suggestions, but nobody is obligated to use any of these when voting this year.

- Appearance. This goes well beyond which fursuit is cuter or sexier than the other. Was it well-constructed? Can you see the performer inside? Is there a unique physical attribute associated with the fursuit? Does it look good or out-of-place?

- Performance. There are many wonderful fursuits out there that just get lost in the crowd because the performer has the personality of a pet rock. There are some fursuits that aren't eye-catching when you room with its owner, but just jump to life when he or she wears it.

- Character. Consider the effort the wearer takes to bring the character of the fursuit to life. Do they stay in character while in fursuit, or do they lose it way too often, letting you get to know more about the performer than the character they are portraying?

- Individuality. There are almost 300 fursuits in this tournament and over 800 in the fursuit database. At that number, it gets harder and harder to stand out from the crowd? Does this fursuit stand out? Is he or she unique? Can you forget the character's name, but everyone knows who you are talking about anyway? Or better yet, are you unable to forget the character's name?

You can use some of these, all of these, none of these, or just vote based on friendships, species, personal preference, and any other factors you come up with. In the end, you, the judge, gets to decide what, if any, criteria you will use.

Finally, a quick reminder, even though it never happened last year, in the event of a tie, BOTH fursuits will advance to the next round.

Acid Raccoon
Owned by Magnus Diridian
Built by Magnus Diridian
Wolly Bully
Owned by Wildwolf
Built by Lacy
Owned by CloudPouncer
Built by Wildwolf/Mixed Candy
Owned by Kras
Built by Noble Wolf
Chester Cheetah
Owned by Tilt Longtal
Built by Tilt Longtail
Owned by Drykath Dragon
Built by Magnus Diridian
Owned by Firefeet
Built by Beetlecat
Akela Vincent
Owned by Akela Vincent
Built by Mixed Candy
Owned by Bunny
Built by Arend Studios
Owned by Fignuts!
Built by SokiTwoPaw
Owned by Diadexxus
Built by Diadexxus
Acid Fox
Owned by Magnus Diridian
Built by Magnus Diridian
Sweet & Low, Equal, Splenda
Owned by Yagfox, Rakhan, Emejn
Built by Arend Studios
Acid Dragon
Owned by Magnus Diridian
Built by Magnus Diridian
Big Blue Fox
Owned by Big Blue Fox
Built by Arend Studios
Cirrus Dragon
Owned by Kiteless Dragon
Built by Mixed Candy
Owned by Arokh
Built by One Fur All
Duncan Roo
Owned by Duncan Roo
Built by Critter Country
Owned by Sookta
Built by Sookta
Kanu Lion
Owned by Kanu Lion
Built by Mixed Candy

Poll #1167277 Preliminary Round, Heat 1

Acid Raccoon vs. Wolly Bully?

Acid Raccoon, owned and built by Magnus Diridian
Wolly Bully, owned by Wildwolf, built by Lacy

Dynamite or Charlie?

Dynamite, owned by CloudPouncer, built by Whitewolf/Mixed Candy
Charlie, owned by Kras, built by Noble Wolf

Chester Cheetah or Drykath?

Chester Cheetah, owned and built by Tilt Longtail
Drykath, owned by Dryktah Dragon, built by Magnus Diridian

Firefeet or Akela Vincent?

Firefeet, owned by Firefeet, built by Beetlecat
Akela Vincent, owned by Akela Vincent, built by Mixed Candy

Angel or Fignuts!?

Angel, owned by Bunny, built by Arend Studios
Fignuts!, owned by Fignuts!, built by SokiTwoPaw

Godiva or Acid Fox?

Godiva, owned and built by Diadexxus
Acid Fox, owned and built by Magnus Diridian

Sweet & Low, Equal, Splenda or Acid Dragon?

Sweet & Low, Equal, Splenda, owned by Yagfox, Rakhan, Emejn, built by Arend Studios
Acid Dragon, owned and built by Magnus Diridian

BigBlueFox or Cirrus Dragon?

BigBlueFox, owned by BigBlueFox
Cirrus Dragon, owned by Kiteless Dragon, built by Mixed Candy

Jambalion or Duncan Roo?

Jambalion, owned by Arokh, built by One Fur All
Duncan Roo, owned by Duncan Roo, built by Critter Country

Sookta or Kanu Lion?

Sookta, owned and built by Sookta
Kanu Lion, owned by Kanu Lion, built by Mixed Candy

If you cannot vote in the poll, that is because you are either not logged-in or you are not a member of this community. If you want to join this community, click the massive link that is this entire sentence, and Rhett and I will get around to approving you as quickly as possible.

To recieve e-mail updates from LiveJournal when this community is updated, click somewhere around here, check "Someone posts a new entry to fursuittourney", then Save.

The face-offs for this coming Thursday, April 10th, are as follows:
  • Pepper Pup vs. Khyle
  • Green Lantern Wolf vs. Loriana
  • Kiv Cheetah vs. Radinov
  • Doctor Sake vs. Kelton Raccoon
  • Balto vs. Rococo
  • Acid Skunk vs. Towyn Coyote
  • Crygus vs. Cedar
  • Blueneko vs. DustyKat
  • Soki vs. Exile Huscoon
  • Alpine vs. Spunky the Wonderdog
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