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FFFF Update: Two Week Warning

I must first fix a mistake from our last post. I had incorrectly written that the last day of nominations was April 2nd, Wednesday. No one caught it yet, but this is impossible as April 2nd falls on a Thursday. The new date is April 3, Friday. Mark your calendars!

I am happy to report that we have around 200 nominations to date. With two weeks left in the nomination period this gives you lazy bums a good amount of time to find some fursuits to nominate!

To those of you currently enjoying FWA: I suggest you check out the fursuit events. Now I'm not at the convention, but it seems that there are two rooms specifically for fursuits! The Fursuiter Game Preserve and Fursuiter Lounge are open most hours and I would seriously go check it out! Don't forget the Photo Studio, where plenty of suiters will strut their stuff and give fantastic poses for the camera! There is also sure to be Fursuit Games, a Fursuit Parade, and a Talent Audition, which are the hallmarks of most fur conventions. Check your con schedule for specific times!
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