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Open for Nominations

Greetings everyone, the beginning of nominations for the 2010 Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas is here. So, let's get down to business.

To nominate a fursuit for this year's tournament:
- Please send an e-mail to fursuitfracas(at)gmail(dot)com listing all the fursuits you wish to nominate.
- There is no limit to the number of fursuits you can submit.
- For every fursuit that you own that you nominate, you must nominate at least one more that you do not own.
- If any owner receives nominations for more than 8 of his/her suits, we will ask him which 8 s/he would like to see in the tourney.

When submitting a fursuit for nomination, please remember to include the following required information:
- Name of the fursuit
- Owner of the fursuit
- Picture of the fursuit (minimum of 100x100, maximum of 800x600, shots of the fursuit in action or posing for the camera are the best)
- Contact information of the owner (e-mail address preferred, we will accept AIM or Yahoo accounts as well though, so long as the owner uses them regularly)

The following information is optional but very helpful:
- Builder of the fursuit
- Video of the fursuit*

What defines a fursuit:
- For the purposes of this showcase, the definition of a fursuit is as follows: "A non-human costume, owned by a person who is associated with the furry fandom, that completely covers the wearer." Since clothing does technically cover the wearer, partials are encouraged along with full body fursuits; however, be sensible about your nominations -- the pictures around this paragraph would not qualify as partials in this case.

- You may nominate fursuits of copyrighted characters, however, we will not hesitate to pull a fursuit from the tournament if the owner(s) of the copyright character ask us or if any legal trouble somehow comes up. In addition, no corporate or sports mascots; we want owners of these fursuits to actually consider themselves part of the furry fandom.

Some suggestions:
- If you are afraid you are forgetting a fursuit or two, you can try looking through the Fursuit Database for a refresher.
- If you can't find a picture of the fursuit or don't know who built it, we encourage that you ask the owner, as most suiters love talking about fursuits. If anyone wants to suggest websites they run for pictures, please do. We will bring traffic.
- If you need help looking for fursuit videos, try the fursuit_videos community.
- If you missed out on polls or results from the previous tourneys, try tracking the community. By clicking on that link, you can choose which updates you get and exactly how you are updated.

Deadline information:
- You have until Monday, March 29th at 23:59 CDT to nominate your favorite fursuit(s) into this year's tournament.
- If you are a fursuit owner and do not wish for a specific fursuit or any fursuit you own to take part in this tournament, you may e-mail us at fursuitfracas(at)gmail(dot)com to state your wishes. You may also opt-out by replying to this entry or to the e-mail confirming your nomination to the tourney. You have until Friday, April 2nd at 23:59 CDT to withdraw a fursuit that you own from the tournament.

Final notes:
As always, you may reply to this entry if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or other requests. Once again, let me remind everyone the e-mail address to send nominations to is fursuitfracas(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you ladyfurs and gentlefurs, and good luck! ^_^

*We do accept videos of each fursuit in this tournament. When submitting a video, try to keep it at a reasonable length -- no one wants to watch a 9-minute fursuit parade video only to catch the nominated suit for 3 seconds. Also, many of our judges vote while at work, so please make sure the video is work-safe. Some good ideas for videos to submit should include the nominated fursuit in action during fursuit games, variety show skits, or just dancing. These are not limitations, just suggestions.
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