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Exile Huscoon

Fourth Round, Day 1

Well ladies and gentlemen, we started out with 176 fursuits. You, my judges, have narrowed them down to 32 wonderful fursuits (not that the other fursuits weren't wonderful, I'm just saying ^_^). The amazing thing about this tournament, over half of the remaining fursuits received only ONE nomination.* Just one. So, -if- we do this again next year, keep that fact in mind :)

And your fursuits for Monday, August 6th, are...

Jase Husky
Owned by Jase Husky, Made by Mixed Candy

& King Elliott
Owned by Simba (Florida), Made by Brokken T. Wolf
Owned by Tzup, Made by Critter Country
& Te'
Owned and Made by Ryngs Raccoon
Owned by Takala, Made by Arend Studios
& Scritch
Owned by Rakhan, Arend Studios
Owned by Brokken T. Wolf, Made by Mixed Arend Studios
& Cary Caribou
Owned by Silver Huskywolf, Made by Furr Happens
Owned by Banshee, Made by Mixed Candy
& Neo PanTyger
Owned by Neo PanTyger, Made by Rose Quoll
Sophie Cabra
Owned by Sophie Cabra, Made by Mixed Candy
& Cake
Owned by DukeFawks, Made by Lacy
Clorox Lion
Owned by Firepup, Made by Snap E. Tiger
& Twinkie Otter
Owned by Twinkie Otter, Made by Arend Studios
Owned by WhiteyFawks, Made by Arend Studios
& Roger A. Fox
Owned by Brokken T. Wolf, Made by Ryngs Raccoon

Poll #1034365 Fourth Round, Day 1

Jase Husky or King Elliott?

Jase Husky, owned by Jase Husky, made by Mixed Candy
King Elliott, owned by Simba (Florida), made by Brokken T. Wolf

Tzup or Te'?

Tzup, owned by Tzup, made by Critter Country
Te', owned and made by Ryngs Raccoon

Takala or Scritch?

Takala, owned by Takala, made by Arend Studios
Scritch, owned by Rakhan, made by Arend Studios

Milo or Cary Caribou?

Milo, owned by Brokken T. Wolf, made by Arend Studios
Cary Caribou, owned by Silver Huskywolf, made by Furr Happens

Vincent or Neo PanTyger?

Vincent, owned by Banshee, made by Mixed Candy
Neo PanTyger, owned by Neo PanTyger, made by Rose Quoll

Sophie Cabra or Cake?

Sophie Cabra, owned by Sophie Cabra, made by Mixed Candy
Cake, owned by DukeFawks, made by Lacy

Clorox Lion or Twinkie Otter?

Clorox Lion, owned by Firepup, made by Snap E. Tiger
Twinkie Otter, owned by Twinkie Otter, made by Arend Studios

Tcheebo or Roger A. Fox?

Tcheebo, owned by WhiteyFawks, made by Arend Studios
Roger A. Fox, owned by Brokken T. Wolf, made by Ryngs Raccoon

If you cannot vote in the poll, that is because you are either not logged-in or you are not a member of this community. If you want to join this community, click the massive link that is this entire sentence, and Rhett and I will get around to approving you as quickly as possible.

The face-offs for this coming Thursday, August 9th, are as follows:
  • Frazzle/JD Puppy
  • Calamity Cougar/Yippee Coyote
  • Duke/Kiowolf
  • Banshee/Red Wolf
  • Kodi/Ashes
  • Takitapup/Silver Huskywolf
  • Sinatra/Sweettart
  • Tilt Longtail/Lucky Coyote

* - And if you're curious, only 26 of the 176 fursuits received more than one nomination.
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