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FFFF 2010 -- Tournament Finals

Well, it all comes down to this.

After nearly 5 months, 670 matchups and 230,807 total votes, we are finally down to two fursuits.

It's been a long ride, as it always is, but it's finally here. Last year's runner up, Frisbee, looks poised to take this year's title, but standing in the way is a very worthy opponent, Flux.

It all comes down to you, the voters.

Who will be this year's FFFF Champion, and join the likes of Frazzle, Jäger and Yippee?

Cast your vote now!!!

FFFF 2010 3rd Place Matchup and Doo-dah Parade Pie Thrower
Greifer pic Greifer

Owner: Tilt Longtail
Builder: Jax
FFFF Awards: 2008 Flames Regional Champion and Tournament Runner-up, 2009 Jamaica Regional Champion and Tournament Quarterfinalist, 2010 Marlins Regional Champion
Debut: Furry Weekend Atlanta '05 with the previous owner, Megaplex '06 with Tilt
Species: Black Fox
Favorite Activities: Bowling, drinking beer, and dancing
Favorite Meal: Breakfast with his good friend, Takala
Favorite Memory: The lawn chair incident with Calamity Cougar at MFF.
Biggest Inspiration: Moose's antics which led to the epic fursuiting video above, "You Can't Do That to Greifer on YouTube"
Describe Your Fursuit In One Word: Sexy.
Clementine pic Clementine

Owner: Clementine
Builder: Whitewolf
FFFF Awards: 2010 Pirates Regional Champion
Debut: Anthrocon 2009
Species: Fennec fox
Location: New Jersey
Favorite Activities: Dancing, Bowling, Children's hospital visits, Traveling, Cooking, Drawing
Favorite Memory: The look on kids' faces when seeing a fursuiter, making the music video with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Special Markings: Black spade on left rear hip, representing her favorite card suit and a love of poker playing
What does your name represent?: Colorful, Lively, Eccentric, Musical, Edgy, Neat, Tasteful, Inspirational, Nifty, Enjoyable

FFFF 2010 Championship Matchup
Frisbee pic Frisbee

(click here for video if embedding doesn't work)
Owner: Frisbee
Builder: Mixed Candy
FFFF Awards: 2009 Antigua/Barbuda Regional Champion and Tournament Runner-up, 2010 Giants Regional Champion
Debut: Furry Weekend Atlanta '09
Species: Aussie cattle dog
Location: Alabama
Favorite Things: Hugs, Dancing, Long Boarding, Monster, making people smile
Flux pic Flux

(click here for video if embedding doesn't work)
Owner: Kiro Neem
Builder: Kiro Neem
FFFF Awards: 2010 Cardinals Regional Champion
Debut: Anthrocon 2009
Species: Kangaroo
Location: Ohio
Favorite Foods: Butterfiles, Souls, and Popsicles

Poll #1609827 FFFF 2010 R-Pie
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Your choice for 3rd Place and the pie wielder:


Poll #1609828 FFFF 2010 RC-02
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Your choice for the 2010 FFFF Champion:


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