rhettfoxcoon (rhettfoxcoon) wrote in fursuittourney,

FFFF Tournament of Champions is closed.

Due to Flux's withdrawal, your TOC Champion is Yippee Coyote!

Upon his stepping down, Flux had this to say:

" This contest means different things to different people. Sometimes it can be seen as a popularity contest, but deep down I don't think it really should be. Winning a contest like this is always fun, but I don't need it to continue doing what I already love to do. Yippee is a sweet fun person with a rich history in the fandom and deserves this. Because of these reasons I am stepping down." -- Kiro Neem (Flux)

Congratulations Yippee!!

Everyone, keep in mind that you have until Friday night for self-nominations into this year's tournament.

This year's FFFF will begin on Monday, April 18th.
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