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Announcing the competitors...

Last-minute photo uploads delayed the release of this final list, but here are all 203 names of the fursuits this year:

203 Fursuits, last updated April 17, 2011 (9:09pm CDT)
Name Owner Builder Video?
Ace Diadexxus Arend Studios [VIDEO]
Ace Wolfen Ace Wolfen JoxInABoxCreations [VIDEO]
Adrian Felix Katz Felix Katz  
Alice Woofer Dark-Paws Dark-Paws  
Amran Amran Mixed Candy  
Anarchy Waya Lockhart B3Mascots  
Andes Wolf Omnibahamut Fursuits by Lacy & Nick [VIDEO]
Anjin Otter Finnish Fox   [VIDEO]
Anna Benning Temperance Komickrazi Studios and Red Coat Cat  
Arbitrary Plaid Arbitrary Plaid JILLCOSTUMES (jill0r) [VIDEO]
ArcHusky ArcHusky Don't Hug Cacti  
Artie Frost Bight Talutie  
Axle Axle Mixed Candy  
Bajacu Dreamwolf Mango Island Creations  
Bandit Rainrat Kodi Made  
Baron Yippee Javacostumes  
Beef Jerky Matrices Matrices  
Beetus Teahound Pensive  
Big Brown Ferret James Furbrications  
Bree Gypsy Witch Gypsy Witch [VIDEO]
Brooklyn Rabid_Reptile JILLCOSTUMES (jill0r) [VIDEO]
Bucktown Tiger Bucktown Tiger Kiwihunter  
Buddy Buddy Kio Wolf [VIDEO]
Byakko DarkenTiger Mixed Candy [VIDEO]
C.M.Y.K. Midwest Cougar Midwest Cougar and Preyfur [VIDEO]
Cadbury Scooter Squirrel Midori  
Canusky the Husky Dark-Paws Dark-Paws  
CaptRoo Marc Wartenberg Noble Productions  
Carbon NightFell NightFell  
Ceruno Wolf Zutharr SuiTiger Zutharr SuiTiger [VIDEO]
Charger SkookumWolf Arend Studios  
Che jil westie/westiebetch Mixed Candy [VIDEO]
Chevy Zakary Arend Studios  
Chingado jill0r JILLCOSTUMES (jill0r)  
Cinnabar Tigerpaw   [VIDEO]
Clementine Clementine WhiteWolf [VIDEO]
Clouwy Dumpling Made Fur You [VIDEO]
Coco The Balloon Wolf Coco Freakhound Studios  
Comet Comet Don't Hug Cacti [VIDEO]
Costello Protocollie One Fur All  
CrossPaws SkookumWolf Arend Studios  
Crush Crush    
Da-Fox Da-Fox Firestorm Six [VIDEO]
Damion Rayne Tigerhusky Digishop Studios  
Daryx Have Furce    
Dason June Stathgar Don't Hug Cacti [VIDEO]
Daverab Daverab Mixed Candy  
Diablo the Bull Dark-Paws Dark-Paws [VIDEO]
Diamond Greywords Eris Valgen Fur It Up [VIDEO]
Diego Wolffox Diego Wolffox Blue Fox Fursuits  
Dite Sabertooth Anuvia Made Fur You / Dont Hug Cacti [VIDEO]
Division Fahrenheit Eryshé Falafel Critter Country [VIDEO]
Diz DizFoley Diz  
Doryuu Doryuu Don't Hug Cacti [VIDEO]
Dozer Tsuyoto Media  
Dr Malsion Malison Magic Niiku/Beetlecat/Artslave/DeadThreads [VIDEO]
Drake Sapphire Drake Sapphire Mixed Candy [VIDEO]
Dreamwolf Dreamwolf Mixed Candy [VIDEO]
Drummerfox Drummerfox Spookaboo [VIDEO]
Duke Oz Kangaroo   [VIDEO]
Dusky Dusky Zutharr SuiTiger  
Epizootic & Pandemic Pandemic Hound Freakhound Studios [VIDEO]
Espilonarge the Dingaroo Christopher Glen Halyday Tiggy-works [VIDEO]
Fendracus Fendracus    
Finnish Fox Finnish Fox Finnish Fox  
Flen Zutharr SuiTiger Zutharr SuiTiger [VIDEO]
Fossil Tigerpaw    
Fox McCloud Celso Zutharr SuiTiger [VIDEO]
Frisbee Frisbee Mixed Candy [VIDEO]
Frisky Frisky Mixed Candy [VIDEO]
Godiva Diadexxus Diadexxus  
Greg the Husky Greg    
Grinder Koze    
GroggyFox GroggyFox GroggyFox  
Gulliver EenyuWolf EenyuWolf  
HakuPanther HakuPanther Made Fur You [VIDEO]
Hershey Kova Fursuits by Lacy & Nick [VIDEO]
Hope Husky AnimeAmy AnimeAmy  
Howee Howee Don't Hug Cacti [VIDEO]
Husky Husky Vixen [VIDEO]
Inaki Inaki Arend Studios  
Inari Inari    
Isaiah Eagle Victor Redtail Beastcub / Rubies Costume Company / Sawblade5 [VIDEO]
Itsuya Itsuya Kiro Neem  
JD Puppy JD Puppy JD Puppy [VIDEO]
Jackal Tabernak JILLCOSTUMES (jill0r)  
Jacky Rainrat Kodi Made  
Jenna Vixen Jenna Vixen Mixed Candy  
Jorja jil westie/westiebetch Mixed Candy / Midori [VIDEO]
JTigerclaw Jtigerclaw Don't Hug Cacti [VIDEO]
Julian Navajo Navajo  
Junip jill0r JILLCOSTUMES (jill0r)  
Kai Jerrymojo2    
Kai Mitsuki Kai Mitsuki Bambiboo3  
Kaji Kaji FurrHappens [VIDEO]
Kata'lina Du'Bois Kata'lina Don't Hug Cacti [VIDEO]
Kaylee Lupi Lupi [VIDEO]
Kibbles Rivet Designosaur [VIDEO]
Kiffy Lee Kiffy Lee Fur Factory  
Ki Tazzywolf Ki Tazzywolf OMGPineapples [VIDEO]
Kite K2    
Klavi Klavi Media / The Critter Factory  
Knuckles Andy Oagara Andy Oagara  
Kootenay Frysco Crafty Coyo Costumes  
Kyera Era Dragon CooperFur and Beastcub  
Lace Lace   [VIDEO]
Lauren Rivers Eric Kern Mixed Candy [VIDEO]
Lex Scrapper Ferret Gypsy Witch [VIDEO]
Lil Chi Wolf 3.0 Tena Davis Tena Davis [VIDEO]
LionWolfy Lion Lion [VIDEO]
LittleW0lf LittleW0lfPup FCCreations  
Livewire Daverab Media / Daverab [VIDEO]
Loki Spike Papp   [VIDEO]
Lt. Dez Pandez One Fur All / Toonsuits  
Lucario Husky Lucario Husky Made Fur You [VIDEO]
Lucifur Fox Lucifur Fox Furr Happens [VIDEO]
Lucky Wolf Lucky Wolf Don't Hug Cacti [VIDEO]
Lumi Manda Defiant Tail-Waggers Anonymous [VIDEO]
Lumikelluke WolfWings Soki Twopaw [VIDEO]
Lupino Fox Lupi Lupi [VIDEO]
Manda Panda Manda B3 Mascots and Roofur [VIDEO]
Marc Andre Marc Andre    
Matt Panther Matt Panther    
Max Oz Kangaroo   [VIDEO]
Maybe Mayham Crona Dashingdragon [VIDEO]
MonsteRoo Mangusu Mangusu and Surfcat Costumes [VIDEO]
Montoya Walker Montoya Walker Zutharr SuiTiger  
Monty Monty Don't Hug Cacti [VIDEO]
Moonbeam Diadexxus Diadexxus [VIDEO]
Naki Naki Noble Productions and B3 Mascots [VIDEO]
Napier Frysco LX Ltd.  
Nejit Stathgar Made Fur You [VIDEO]
NeoPanTyger NeoPanTyger Rose Quoll [VIDEO]
Neurotic John Lewis Freakhound Studios [VIDEO]
Nikoli Frysco OneFurAll / Frysco  
Omegafolf Omegafolf    
Oz Kangaroo Oz Kangaroo Oz Kangaroo [VIDEO]
Patch Foxlord Pardus  
Paul Shep Paul Shep Kilcodo Costumes [VIDEO]
Pistolpup Pistolpup Mixed Candy [VIDEO]
Poe LittleW0lfPup    
PolkaDog (v3) Yippee Yippee  
Prowler Prowler Fursuits by Lacy & Nick  
Purpleski Rainrat Arend Studios [VIDEO]
R.C. Dazzle Diadexxus Jax & Diadexxus  
Rattie Rainrat Arend Studios / Rainrat  
Rave Fox Rave Fox Made Fur You  
Restorf Restorf Fursuits by Lacy & Nick [VIDEO]
Rita Shepherd Lonewolf Lonewolf  
Roan Lace One Fur All [VIDEO]
Ronan Le Loup Ronan Le Loup Zutharr SuiTiger  
Rowan Hunter Eric Kern Beetlecat [VIDEO]
Ryger RygerFrost Made Fur You [VIDEO]
Ryuji Ryuji Kimura Ryuji Kimura/WestWindHowling/Ihiver  
Sadie Sadarius Wolf   [VIDEO]
Sasho Windfeather Sasho Windfeather Don't Hug Cacti  
Satimo Ray Liehm B3Mascots [VIDEO]
Scatterpaws Scatterpaws Magnus Diridian  
Sckhar Leviathan Sckhar Leviathan Zutharr SuiTiger [VIDEO]
Scooter Squirrel Scooter Squirrel Fursuits by Lacy & Nick [VIDEO]
Scrapper Scrapper Ferret One Fur All [VIDEO]
Shade Jerrymojo2   [VIDEO]
Sigma Wolf Sigma FurrHappens [VIDEO]
Silent Wolf Silent Wolf Whitewolf / Silent Wolf  
Silver Wolf Silver Wolf Made Fur You [VIDEO]
Sirod Sirod Made Fur You [VIDEO]
Skrink Skrink Clockwork Creature Studios  
Skrod Skrod Clockwork Creature Studios  
Spottacus Cherval Spottacus Cheetah Lance Ikegawa [VIDEO]
Spotted Dog Manchado Dog Manchado Dog [VIDEO]
Stathgar Stathgar Arend Studios [VIDEO]
Stompy Temperance Komickrazi studios  
Stormwolf Stormwolf    
Stryker T. Wuff DarkenTiger Fursuits by Lacy & Nick  
Syber Azure Coyote Java Costumes [VIDEO]
Syberfox Syberfox Wolfbane Mixed Candy [VIDEO]
Sydney Neouka Arend Studios  
TAC Mangusu Mangusu [VIDEO]
Taffy Taffy    
Tikke Tyke Luana Foxy   [VIDEO]
Topaz Everett Eric Kern Mixed Candy [VIDEO]
Toxic Bunny Syberfox Wolfbane Magnus Diridian [VIDEO]
Tunny (Anthro) Tunny TunnySaysIDK Costumes [VIDEO]
Tunny (Feral) Tunny TunnySaysIDK Costumes [VIDEO]
Twende Timothy Rea RoseQuoll and Mixed Candy  
Twilight Yippee Yippee [VIDEO]
Twitch Da Woof Twitch Da Woof WhiteWolf [VIDEO]
Tyler Foxgood Tyler Arend Studios [VIDEO]
Uren Husky Uren Husky Uren Husky  
Vermy Fox! Vermy Fox! Brokken T. Wolf  
Victor Redtail Victor Redtail Zrcalo / Lazy Wolf Productions [VIDEO]
Vitai Slade Vitai Slade B3Mascots  
Walden Yippee Shawn Keller  
Waya Waya Lockhart B3Mascots [VIDEO]
Weekend Tunny TunnySaysIDK Costumes [VIDEO]
Whisky Silent Wolf JILLCOSTUMES (jill0r) / Silent Wolf  
Wool E. Mammoth Marc Wartenberg Noble Productions  
Yote Mustaine Diego Wolffox Fallimar [VIDEO]
Zaida Clementine Made Fur You [VIDEO]
Zandor Renan Zutharr SuiTiger [VIDEO]
Zenny Zenny Kodi Made [VIDEO]
Zenun Stripes Zenun Stripes Zenun Stripes [VIDEO]
Zoe Temperance Matrices / Komickrazi studios  

You can also click here for a table with picture previews.

Stay tuned for the matchups listing!

Also, if there are any glaring errors in the list above, please let us know immediately!
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