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Final Bracket is Announced!

The new, final tally for this summer's 4F is 176 fursuits, an improvement of 18 over the previous total! To everyone who has submitted nominations and allowed their suit or suits to be in this tournament, I cannot thank you enough.

Now, unlike the previous attempt, there will not be any suits assigned to specifically facing off on Mondays or Thursdays. One suit could begin this Thursday, then have their next face-off on a Monday. The voting for all Monday face-offs will end at 11:59 PM ET on Wednesday, voting for all Thursday face-offs will end at 11:59 PM ET on Saturday. The only exceptions will be when we get to the Round of 16. At that point, all face-offs will begin on Monday, and voting will end on Saturday at 11:59 PM ET.

Again, I encourage using performance as your first criteria when voting for which fursuit you want to see advance. I suggest construction second. After that, it's your call. And like last time, no one will be able to see who voted for who. So you don't have to worry about your friend getting upset if you do not vote for him or her.

First off, let me announce the final list of the fursuits in this tournament. The total is at 176, so obviously, I am going to have to put this behind an LJ-cut. But this time, I have included links to the website of the fursuit maker if available. The whole point of this tournament is to promote some of the hard-working people in the fandom who have made a career out of giving back to it.

AerakAerakMixed Candy
Aiden RaccoonAiden RaccoonLacy
AmranAmranMixed Candy
AnnabelleRobert HillRobert Hill
Aoi KitsuneAoi KitsuneAoi Kitsune
ApolloXavierMixed Candy
AragornAragornMixed Candy
AshesSwift FoxP_Pardus
Autumn VixenAutumn VixenOne Fur All
AveryCrocArend Studios
BansheeBansheeMixed Candy
Belic BearBelic BearWhitewolf
Blaze DarkamaBlaze DarkamaMixed Candy
BlooperCrocYippee Coyote
BlueNekoBlueNekoMixed Candy/Blackfire
BoswellGraafenNoble Pro
Brace BearBrace BearArend Studios
BumperThumperArend Studios
ByakkoDarkenMixed Candy
Calamity CougarDraconisMixed Candy
CamperCrocShawn Keller
Cary the CaribouSilver HuskywolfFurr Happens
CaspianTastyEagleRed XIX
ChampElectropawArend Studios
ChesterWhitePeltLance Ikegawa
ChucklesYappy FoxArend Studios
Clorox LionFirepupSnap E. Tiger
CobbRed XIXRed XIX
CocoaPandaArend Studios
CornwallCornwallNoble Wolf
CosineCoseikoArend Studios
DarkRageDarkRageOne Fur All
DexDexArend Studios
DukeOz KangarooBrokken T. Wolf
Duncan RooDuncan RooCritter Country
Durango DingoDurango DingoLacy
DynamiteC.P.Mixed Candy
Epoxi HuskyEpoxi HuskyArend Studios/Dont Hug Cacti
Exile HuscoonExile HuscoonBilly Coyote/Exile
Far RaptorFar RaptorLacy
FoxgloveFoxgloveNoble Wolf
FrazzleFrazzleFrazzle/Rose Quoll
FyrefangFyrefangMixed Candy
Georgia BelleKitt FoxxKitt Foxx
Graafen BlackpawGraafen BlackpawRunning Wolf Pack
GrieferTilt LongtailJax
GreypawsGreypawsMixed Candy
GrynnBrokken T. WolfWildwolf
HoratioSemaMixed Candy/Taren
JafraJafraArend Studios
Jase HuskyJase HuskyMixed Candy
JD PuppyJD PuppyJD Puppy
Jenna VixenDamon BlackpawMixed Candy
KelseyPippinColson/Brokken/Arend Studios
Khir MoonclawKhir MoonclawMixed Candy/Kiwi
King ElliottSimba (Florida)Brokken T. Wolf
KingsfordFoofersFrizbee Pup
KiyoNeoukaArend Studios
KodiKodiArend Studios
Lace AuroraLace AuroraMixed Candy
Lacy SabertoothLacyMixed Candy
Lenny MuttLenny MuttMixed Candy
Lord RyvenLord RyvenWhitewolf
Lucky CoyoteLucky CoyoteArend Studios/Dont Hug Cacti
Lucky WolfLucky WolfLacy
MarkusRainratArend Studios
MarshallDurandalRose Quoll/Durandal
MehndixMehndixMixed Candy
MerashallanMerashallanMixed Candy
MiloBrokken T. WolfArend Studios
MiraajMiraajArend Studios
MirawaisMirawaisOne Fur All/Jax/Mirawais
NbowaNbowaCritter Country
NekomonNekomonArend Studios
Neo PanTygerNeo PanTygerRose Quoll
NessaLynxCatArend Studios
Oz KangarooOz KangarooCritter Country
PandaPandaArend Studios
P_DawgP_DawgArend Studios
PlayfoxSaberfireMixed Candy
Qmick HuskyQmick HuskyArend Studios
Quasi SkunkQuasi SkunkRyngs Raccoon
RadjinRadjinMixed Candy
RainratRainratArend Studios/Rainrat
Red FoxRed FoxArend Studios
Red-Tailed HawkRed-Tailed HawkMarilou
Red WolfTosArend Studios
RennieTKFrizbee Pup
Roger A. FoxBrokken T. WolfRyngs Raccoon
Ronin OtterBrad BohnArend Studios
SaberkittySaberfireMixed Candy
Samantha KempleRobert KingRobert King/B.J. Staehlin
ScritchRakhanArend Studios
Scruff E. CoyoteScruff E. CoyoteScruff E. Coyote
ShenandoahAuryanneLance Ikegawa
Silver HuskywolfSilver HuskywolfMixed Candy
SinatraNevermintOne Fur All
Skuff CoyoteSkuff CoyoteArend Studios/Dont Hug Cacti
Snap'd WerepoodleSnap E. TigerSnap E. Tiger
SnazzlesFrazzleMatt Ulrey/Frazzle
SnifferYappy FoxArend Studios
SophieSophie CabraMixed Candy
Spiked Punch ISpiked PunchMarylen
Spiked Punch IISpiked PunchBrokken T. Wolf
Summer VixenAutumn FoxMixed Candy/One Fur All
TakalaTakalaArend Studios
TakitapupTakitapupArend Studios
TcheeboWhiteyFawksArend Studios
TeRyngs RaccoonRyngs Raccoon
ThumperThumperArend Studios
Tilt LongtailTilt LongtailTilt Longtail
TimduruTimduruArend Studios
TseatahFryscoArend Studios
TumbleweedYappy FoxArend Studios
Twinkie OtterTwinkie OtterArend Studios
Twitch Da WoofTwitch Da WoofWhitewolf
TzupTzupCritter Country
Velkro TigerSnap E. TigerSnap E. Tiger
Vicky RabbitOstrichFarallon
VincentBansheeMixed Candy
WaldenYippee CoyoteShawn Keller
WindmistWindmistArend Studios
Wraith DragonWraith DragonMixed Candy
YagfoxYagfoxArend Studios
YakeoYakeoBrokken T. Wolf
Yappy FoxYappy FoxArend Studios
Yippee CoyoteYippee CoyoteYippee Coyote
ZagarZim GekkoMixed Candy
ZekeFox PalmerOne Fur All
Zig ZagKatrishaliOne Fur All

If you can offer websites to some of the makers I'm missing, I would greatly appreciate it.

Now, since I learned that most furs do not understand a bracket format, I will post the tournament schedule by date, which will show you on which date your fursuit's first face-off will be. So, let me post the first 11 face-offs that will begin on Thursday. And you can view the rest of the schedule behind another LJ-cut. And a quick side note, "TBD" stands for To Be Determined. There are no fursuiters named TBD to my knowledge.

--- Beginning of First Round ---
Thursday, June 14
  • Geronimo/Blaze Darkama
  • Taibu/Kchierath
  • Saberkitty/King Elliot
  • Samantha Kemple/Zagar
  • Autumn Vixen/Vicky Rabbit
  • Brimstone/Mehndix
  • Marshall/Takala
  • Scritch/Cocoa
  • Ferian/Zig Zag
  • Red-Tailed Hawk/Kuddlepup
  • Mirawais/Spiked Punch II

Monday, June 18
  • Playfox/Cary the Caribou
  • EagleBeage/Oryx
  • Horatio/Far Raptor
  • Neo Pantyger/Renkairu
  • Oz Kangaroo/Aiden Raccoon
  • Tseatah/Zelwulf
  • Nugget/Nessa
  • Red Fox/Rhea
  • Chester/Twinkie Otter
  • BlueNeko/Sharky
  • Wolftail/Graafen

Thursday, June 21
  • Tcheebo/Aragorn
  • Brigus/Walden
  • Chengdu/Lacy Sabertooth
  • Lenny Mutt/Shadow
  • Demon/Tiki
  • Kiyo/Calamity Cougar
  • AlBear/Bumper
  • Paddlefoot Wolf/Jenna Vixen
  • Lucky Wolf/Yakeo
  • Ysengrin/Niiku

Monday, June 25
  • Kiowolf/Wraith Dragon
  • Banshee/Timba
  • Annabelle/Scruff E. Coyote
  • Red Wolf/Violet
  • Nbowa/PDawg
  • Miraaj/Cosine
  • Lord Ryven/Ashes
  • Fyrefang/Gutter
  • Kingsford/Velcro Tiger
  • Silver Huskywolf/Tumbleweed

Thursday, June 28
  • Byakko/Cornwall
  • Sweettart/Spiked Punch I
  • Winterwolf/Dark Rage
  • Aerak/Thumper
  • Tilt/Furbo
  • Foxwell/Cizkaro

--- End of First Round ---
--- Beginning of Second Round ---
  • Jase Husky/Geronimo
  • Ronin Otter/Greifer
  • Avery/Kchierath
  • King Elliott/Camper

Monday, July 2
  • Tzup/Zagar
  • Autumn Vixen/Boswell
  • Greypaws/Sierra
  • Mehndix/Te
  • Nekomon/Takala
  • SemJay/Panda
  • Zeke/Scritch
  • Zig Zag/Rennie
  • Milo/Kuddlepup
  • Mirawais/Velvet

Thursday, July 5
  • Godiva/Chuckles
  • Cary Caribou/Yappy Fox
  • Vincent/EagleBeagle
  • Dex/Epoxi Husky
  • Rainrat/Far Raptor
  • Neo PanTyger/Skuff Coyote
  • Amran/Oz Kangaroo
  • Tseatah/Sophie Cabra
  • Single Speed Cheetah/Loriana
  • Nugget/Cake

Monday, July 9
  • Clorox Lion/Rhea
  • Summer Vixen/Aoi Kitsune
  • Qmick Husky/Twinkie Otter
  • BlueNeko/Sniffer
  • Blooper/Wolftail
  • Tcheebo/Duncan Roo
  • Roger A. Fox/Snap'd Werepoodle
  • Walden/Lace Aurora
  • Frazzle/Lacy Sabertooth
  • Cobb/TaniDaReal

Thursday, July 12
  • Markus/Lenny Mutt
  • Tiki/JD Puppy
  • Jafra/Calamity Cougar
  • Bumper/Merashallan
  • Snazzles/Windmist
  • Jenna Vixen/Yippee Coyote
  • Duke/Yakeo
  • Durango Dingo/Foxglove
  • Faolan/Niiku
  • TBD/Quasi Skunk

Monday, July 16
  • Timduru/TBD
  • TBD/Kelsey
  • Shenandoah/Jabari
  • TBD/Khir Moonclaw
  • Champ/TBD
  • Kodi/Dynamite
  • Georgia Belle/TBD
  • TBD/Grynn
  • Yagfox/TBD
  • TBD/Pup

Thursday, July 19
  • Lasrach/Caspian
  • TBD/Exile Huscoon
  • Sinatra/TBD
  • Apollo/Belic Bear
  • Lobowolf/TBD
  • TBD/Huskybutt
  • Brace Bear/TBD
  • TBD/Radjin
  • Aerofox/Twitch Da Woof
  • TBD/Lucky Coyote

--- End of Second Round ---

July 23 - August 4 : Third Round
August 6 - 11 : Fourth Round
August 13 - 18 : Round of 16
August 20 - 25 : Quarterfinals
August 27 - September 1 : Semifinals
September 3 - 8 : Championship

And for those who do know how to read a tournament bracket, you can view the entire field here.


Again, best of luck to everyone involved. I want you to have fun with this, but not take it too seriously. Let the tournament begin!!! (again!) ^_^

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